Angel Baby

Luz has made lots of mistakes. She should never have left her daughter in L.A. She should never have returned to Tijuana. She should never have married El Principe, a key player in a vicious drug cartel. But today's the day she sets things right.

Relentlessly paced and emotionally gripping, Angel Baby is "a lean novel that leaps and sings with hard-boiled's his best work yet." (Los Angeles Review of Books).





angel baby

Sweet Nothing

Coming in February 2015

These are edge-of-your-seat tales: A prison guard must protect an inmate being tried for heinous crimes. A father and son set out to rescue a young couple trapped during a wildfire. An ex-con trying to make good as a security guard stumbles onto a burglary plot. A young father must submit to blackmail to protect the fragile life he's built.

Sweet Nothing is an unforgettable collection that shows once again why T.C. Boyle wrote, “Lange's stories combine the truth-telling and immediacy of Raymond Carver with the casual hip of Denis Johnson. There is a potent artistic sensibility at work here.”

sweet nothing