1-10-24: Merci to Rene-Marc Dolhen for this great review of Les Vagabonds!

1-9-24: Another rave for the French translation of Rovers.

1-8-24: Here are two great reviews of the French translation of Rovers, Les Vagabonds. One is from the blog Benzine, and the other is from the blog Les Arts au Soleil.

12-14-24: Richard's new novel, Joe Hustle, comes out June 25, 2024.

12-14-23: The French translation of Rovers, Les Vagabonds, will be out January 9, 2024, and the Italian translation, I Predatori, will be out in April 2024.

7-14-23: Richard will be appearing at Artifact Books in beautiful Encinitas, CA at 3pm on July 29 to discuss the paperback release of Rovers. Come on down!

5-22-23: From 6/26 through 7/2, the Rovers ebook will be priced at $2.99 as a Kindle Book Deal. Then, July 3, the paperback edition (featuring illustrations by Vincent Sammy and a new Rovers short story, “Bad Pennies”) drops. Buy one or both. Stephen King said the book was the best vampire novel he’d read since Let the Right One In, and he knows what he’s talking about! PM me proof of purchase of either edition and your address, and I’ll send you a swell Fiends patch.

5-22-23: The Japanese translation of Sweet Nothing (She Died on Wednesday) won the Translation Mystery Award! Congrats to my translator, Hiroto Yoshino, and my publisher, Tokyo Sogensha!

2-13-23: The Japanese translation of Sweet Nothing (She Died on Wednesday) is a finalist for the Translation Mystery Award, which is decided by the votes of a group of Japanese translators. Congrats to the book's translator, Hiroto Yoshino.

2-2-23: Bonnes nouvelles! A French translation of Rovers is coming from Rivages.

2-2-23: The Japanese translation of Sweet Nothing, She Died On Wednesday, is out now.

2-2-23: Richard has sold his new novel, Joe Hustle, to Little, Brown/Mulholland. Release date TBD.

10-14-21: Richard's story “Apocrypha” (from his second collection, Sweet Nothing) is included in Daggers Drawn, an anthology of stories that won the Dagger award, presented by the United Kingdom’s Crime Writers’ Association (CWA).

9-30-21: A couple of Richard's virtual bookstore appearances are now available to those who missed them. Click HERE to listen to Richard talk with Jonathan Ames (Bored to Death, A Man Named Doll) via Skylight Books, and HERE for Richard's conversation with journalist Ed Komenda via Vroman's.

9-30-21: Listen to Richard's apperance on the Salt Lake Dirt podcast.

9-2-21: A reminder that Richard will be appearing LIVE on the patio at Stories Books and Cafe in Echo Park on Friday Sept. 17 at 7pm to talk about all things Rovers. Save the date!

9-2-21: Here's what Stephen King (yes, that Stephen King) said about Rovers on Twitter: "Want a book that will scare the daylights out of you this weekend? Rovers, by Richard Lange. The best vampire novel I've read since Let the Right One In."

8-10-21: Tomorrow evening at 6pm Richard will be having a virtual conversation about Rovers with the great Jonathan Ames (Bored to Death, A Man Named Doll) via Skylight Books. Then, at 8pm, he'll be at the store signing books, Fiends patches in hand.

8-10-21: The great Joe Hill on Rovers: “Rovers is a lean, mean pulp masterpiece of American horror. I was blown away. Richard Lange is the real deal."

8-10-21: BookReporter digs Rovers.

8-4-21: Here's an interview Richard did with Marshal Zeringue at the Campaign for the American Reader.

8-4-21: Tomorrow at 6pm Richard will be in conversation with journalist Ed Komenda via Vroman's Bookstore. Listen in for more Rovers rambling!

7-30-21: Check out this video of Richard's chat with Ben H. Winters (the Last Policeman trilogy, The Quiet Boy), facilitated by Houston's Murder By The Book.

7-29-21: Here's the video of Richard's chat with Patrick Millikin of Arizona's Poisoned Pen bookstore. WARNING: You will hear an old man tell a few punk rock war stories.

7-29-21: Richard submitted Rovers to the Page 69 Test, and the results were interesting.

7-29-21: Richard will be in conversation with Ben E. Winters (The Quiet Boy) via Houston's Murder By The Book bookstore at 7pm Pacific tonight. Be there or be square.

7-28-21: Richard will be doing another virtual event tonight at 7pm, via Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego. He'll be joined by Jim Sherman, a librarian in the Literature & Fiction Department of the Los Angeles Public Library and adjunct faculty at Glendale Community College. Sign up and listen in!

7-27-21: Richard did a piece for CrimeReads about his decision to veer from crime to horror on Rovers.

7-27-21: Carolyn Kellogg did a fantastic interview with Richard for the Los Angeles Times.

7-27-21: Pub Day for Rovers! Richard's first virtual appearance in connection with the release is tonight at 7pm via Poisoned Pen Bookstore in Scottsdale, AZ. Go to the store's website for instructions on how to join in!

7-24-21: Here's Richard appearing on the Modern Signed Books podcast.

7-24-21: Here's an excerpt of the Rovers audiobook, read by Marc Vietor and Wayne Carr.

7-24-21: A few appearances by Richard to hype, three virtual and one in-person. First up is a conversation via Scottsdale's Poisoned Pen on Tuesday, July 27 (which is also the release date for Rovers), at 7pm PT. Then, on Wednesday 7/28 at 7pm PT Richard is in conversation with Jim Sherman via San Diego's Mysterious Galaxy. On Thursday, July 29, at 7PM Central Time, Richard is in conversation with writer Ben H. Winters via Houston's Murder By The Book. Finally on Saturday, July 31, at 3pm PT, Richard will appear in-person at Artifact Books in Encinitas, CA. Come to one or all!

7-20-21: A nice review of Rovers by Jason Bovberg.

7-1-21: Here they are, a peek at the first two chapters of Rovers!

6-17-21: Anticipation is building for Rovers at This Is Horror.

5-10-21: Laird Hunt loves Rovers! Go buy all his books now! "The gone world of the 1970s goes beautifully, terrifyingly and oh so satisfyingly bad in this new one by Richard Lange. Propulsive, intense, smart and stylish, Rovers is high-octane, full-throttle, keep-your-hands-off-that-lightswitch stuff."

5-5-21: Here are a few of the things Richard will be doing in July/August to celebrate the release of Rovers. Come one, come all, to one or all. July 27, 7-8pm, Poisoned Pen, Phoenix, AZ, virtual event. Streaming on Facebook Live/ July 28, 7pm, Mysterious Galaxy, San Diego, CA, virtual event/ July 31, 3pm, Artifact Books, Encinitas, CA, live, outdoor event/ August 7, 2pm, Dark Delicacies, Burbank, CA, live signing.

5-4-21: A fantastic Rovers blurb from the great Jonathan Ames. Buy all his books, including his new one, A Man Named Doll, watch all his shows. "Headline: Lange has done it again! Another tour de force! Another gripping page-turner! Shifting points-of-view, beautiful language, drama, action, fantasy, pathos -- Rovers has it all! And it makes me feel greedy like a vampire (or a Rover): I want and need another Richard Lange book right away! Well, I have to be patient and rational: I have his other books to reread and this one, too, which is an utter triumph and delight."

4-29-21: "A lean, blistering tale shot through with heartbreak and sunlight. Rovers is magnificent horror." Another great blurb, this one from Andy Davidson, author of The Boatman's Daughter. Buy his books now!

4-27-21: Wallace Stroby is a fan of Rovers! Buy his new one, Heaven's a Lie, and all the others. "Rovers is a dark gem of a book. A vampire novel by way of John Steinbeck and Sam Peckinpah. Riveting and relentless."

4-26-21: Kind words about Rovers from Joe McGinniss Jr., author of The Delivery Man and Carousel Court. Buy his books now! "A new novel from Richard Lange is the good news we need. Lange is the rare writer whose name appears on a dust jacket like a guarantee. When you see it, snatch it or double-click and check out now. Then buckle up! Rovers is a propulsive, harrowing and soulful tale of vengeance and redemption, love and loss, the undead and mortals. It moves in the shadows and rips through the darkest hours on choppers and open highways, dive bars and deserts. You'll tear through it because the momentum of the story is undeniable. But the impulse to linger under the spell cast by Lange's gifts with language is powerful and to be savored. The hunt is on!"

4-25-21: Publishers Weekly digs Rovers! Starred review!

4-22-21: A fantastic Rovers blurb from Michael Farris Smith, author of Nick and Blackwood. Buy all his books now!: "Rovers twists and turns like a whirlwind of desert dust. Richard Lange has created an energetic, entertaining, pulsing novel in Rovers, where things roam in the night and burn in the day and the path to salvation is a timeless, dangerous journey. A wild west, gothic thrill ride."

4-21-21: Raymond Villareal (A People's History of the Vampire Uprising) digs Rovers! Buy his book! "Rovers is not your ordinary vampire novel. Richard Lange has written a gritty, dusty, dirty, and sweaty thriller that reeks of blood and fear. Rovers is a hardcore 1970s crime thriller—a bloody revenge story built on the brooding realization that even with eternal life and incredible healing power, existence and spirit are always fragile."

4-21-21: Jonathan Ames gives This Wicked World a nice shoutout at Novel Suspects.

4-20-21: Another great blurb for Rovers, this one from Alma Katsu, author of The Hunger and The Deep, among many others. Buy all of her books now!"ROVERS is a bleak, gritty, violent, and mostly tender portrayal of life as an outsider that happens to be about vampires. The writing is equal to the story: achingly beautiful, by turns inspiring and devastating."

4-19-21: Zoje Stage, author of Baby Teeth and Getaway, weighs in on Rovers. Buy all of her books right now! "ROVERS is a gritty and vivid encounter with the creatures that haunt the underbelly of Americana. Lange utilizes his immense skill with prose and characters to create a dynamic and visceral page-turner. I devoured this book!"

3-21-21: Richard's collection of short stories Sweet Nothing will be published in Japan by Tokyo Sogensha.

1-27-21: An extensive, new interview with Richard is up at the Los Angeles Public Library site.

12-29-20: Richard's new novel, Rovers, doesn't come out until July, but it's already up for pre-order on Amazon. The elevator pitch for this one is "Of Mice and Men with vampires," but it's much more than that. A list of influences would include the Steinbeck novella, Stoker's Dracula, The Sound and the Fury, George Saunders' Lincoln in the Bardo, The Iliad, Mailer's Executioner's Song, the film Near Dark, drive-in tragedies like Aloha Bobby and Rose and Macon County Line, the old Marvel Tomb of Dracula comics, the essay "Underground Films" by Manny Farber, the Springsteen album Darkness on the Edge of Town, and years of driving around the Southwest.

8-29-20: For Independent Bookstore Day, Richard chatted with his favorite independent bookstore dude, Greg Mollin, owner of Artifact Books in Encinitas, CA. He rambled on about a number of topics and read a few pages from his new novel, Rovers, out in July. Check it out!

8-10-20: Un Golpe Brutal (The Smack) is the 2017 entry in Paco Gomez's history of the noir novel at Zenda.

6-3-20: Recorridos Literarios put Un Golpe Brutal (The Smack) on their list of books to read while in lockdown, calling it "an absorbing, remarkable thriller."

6-3-20: Michael Czyzniejewski revisits Dead Boys at his blog Story366. He published a story from it, “Long Lost,” in Mid-American Review in 2002.

5-11-20: Nice review of Un Golpe Brutal (The Smack) by Julio Megia at Negra y Mortal. “A brutal blow is worth looking out for, a novel starring some lying, and therefore despicable, characters, and others who exude a hopeful humanity.”

5-5-20: Richard has sold a new novel, Rovers, to Little, Brown/Mulholland Books. Official synopsis: "A hard-boiled supernatural thriller unspooling across the American Southwest in the summer of 1976 and following a set of characters who need human blood to survive." No idea when it will be out.

5-5-20: Un Golpe Brutal (The Smack) is one of the Spanish mag Clara’s recommendations for World Book Day. “A thriller that presses down on the gas as you turn pages until you are out of breath.”

4-5-20: Couple of mentions of Un Golpe Brutal (The Smack), one in La Vanguardia (scroll down a bit), and one in the Spanish crime blog Edicion Original.

3-4-20: Nice mention of the Spanish translation of The Smack, Un Golpe Brutal, at the Total Noir blog.

2-27-20: Here's an interview with Nadia Masri, a filmmaker from Luxembourg who made a short based on Richard's story "Long Lost." You can watch the film here. The password is LongLost2016.

2-27-20: Rave review of the Spanish translation of The Smack (Un Golpe Brutal) in La Razon.

2-10-20: Nice essay about The Smack (Un Golpe Brutal) by Antonio Lozano on the Serie Negra blog in anticipation of the translation's release this week (2/13).

2-6-20: Richard has put out a limited-edition zine containing some of his pinhole photographs. It's called One Less Thief in Trona and is available through Etsy.

2-6-20: Sweet mention of the Spanish translation of The Smack (Un Golpe Brutal) in Clara. Scroll down for the blurb.

12-5-19: La Derniere Chance de Rowan Petty (The Smack) made the Best of the Year list at Nyctalopes.

5-27-19: A nice appreciation of Sweet Nothing at La Nuit Je Mens.

5-13-19: The mass-market paperback edition of La Derniere Chance de Rowan Petty (The Smack in English) will be published by 10/18 in late 2020/early 2021.

4-1-19: Richard will be appearing at Le Marathon Des Mots festival in Toulouse, France in June.

4-1-19: La Livrophage digs The Smack.

4-1-19: High praise for The Smack from the Swiss paper Le Temps.

4-1-19: A little love for The Smack from Lyon Capitale.

3-28-19: Le Monde loves The Smack. Scroll down, it's the last review in the roundup.

3-28-19: A couple of great French blog writeups of The Smack: Les Arts au Soleil and Le Capharnaum Eclaire.

3-23-19: Rave for the French translation of The Smack from Le Figaro: De sa chambre d’hôtel donnant sur le Strip de Reno, Rowan Petty, escroc à la petite semaine, tente d’arnaquer des gogos au téléphone, en leur proposant des placements bidon. Sa femme l’a quitté depuis bien longtemps, il n’a pas vu sa fille depuis des années, et la banque a saisi son appartement à Phoenix six mois plus tôt. Bref, Rowan Petty est dans une mouise noire, lorsqu’un vieux collègue, Don le Dandy, lui propose un plan en or : faire main basse sur 2 millions de dollars, détournés par des soldats en Afghanistan, et plaqués quelque part à Los Angeles. Accompagné d’une séduisante prostituée, dont il vient de faire la connaissance, Petty se lance alors dans une aventure pleine de dangers. Car d’autres, bien plus carnassiers que lui, veulent aussi mettre la main sur le butin… Pour les auteurs de polar, le « perdant magnifique » est un bon client. Tout au long de ce roman rugueux et sanglant, singulière plongée dans la Cité des Anges, Richard Lange nous en offre un spécimen particulièrement émouvant en la personne de ce Rowan Petty aussi pathétique que finalement attachant. PHILIPPE BLANCHET

3-9-19: Le Soir loves La derniere chance de Rowan Petty. And you can also read the first chapter there for free.

3-9-19: Two great blog reviews for La derniere chance de Rowan Petty, one from Babelio , and one from k-libre.

3-3-19: Nice French blog writeup of The Smack (La derniere chance de Rowan Petty).

2-28-19: Another great French review of The Smack.

2-27-19: The French edition of The Smack is out today and so is this nice review.

11-13-18: The Smack is now in paperback. Get some!

10-17-18: The Smack has been purchased by Spain's RBA Libros. It'll be translated as part of their Serie Negra imprint.

7-13-18: The Smack is out in paperback in the U.K. Hip hip hooray!

7-11-18: The Smack gets a nice shout-out from Jan Smedh, owner of The English Bookstore in Uppsala, Sweden, which was named Best Bookstore in the World at the London Book Fair.

12-12-17: The Wall Street Journal names The Smack one of the best mysteries of the year.

11-24-17: Thoughtful review of The Smack at Humble Book Giant.

11-16-17: "Apocrypha," from Richard's collection Sweet Nothing, has been selected by the New York Public Library for inclusion in the Subway Library, a program that makes stories electronically available to subway riders, and in their mobile reading app. The story previously was awarded the Short Story Dagger by Great Britain's Crime Writers' Association.

11-13-17: The Smack is one of Kirkus' Best Mysteries and Thrillers of the Year.

11-13-17: Dead Boys makes author Liska Jacobs' list of "10 Essential Books That Capture Los Angeles in All Its Sublime, Beautiful Darkness."

9-20-17: Here's a podcast featuring Richard in conversation with rock 'n' roll jack-of-all-trades Bruce Duff and music supervisor/novelist Howard Paar, who also used to own the legendary ON Klub in L.A.

9-10-17: The Week had a nice mention of The Smack: "Don't get too attached to any of the eccentrics in Richard Lange's latest caper, said Marilyn Stasio in the New York Times. "Lange's bread and butter are his quick studies of colorful characters," but he has no qualms about killing them off. Still, he's built a tidy thriller around a con man, a darling prostitute who calls herself Tinafey, and a scheme to recover a small fortune that two Army buddies amassed in Afghanistan. To make the whole sordid business such fun "takes real talent."

8-27-17: Mystery Scene loves The Smack.

8-24-17: Richard is très heureux to find out that his French publisher, Albin Michel, will be putting out both The Smack and Sweet Nothing in France.

8-23-17: Nice review of The Smack at Bookgasm.

8-17-17: Canada's Mystery Site digs The Smack.

8-17-17: The Smack gets a shout out at Book Page.

8-8-17: The Durango Telegraph digs The Smack.

8-8-17: The Smack gets some love from Great Britain's Crime Time.

8-3-17: Richard submitted The Smack to the infamous Page 69 Test.

7-26-17: Nice review of The Smack at Book Reporter.

7-26-17: An interview with Richard is up at Criminal Element.

7-21-17: Nice review of The Smack at the Wall Street Journal:“When we meet Rowan Petty, the middle-aging con man at the heart of Richard Lange’s riveting, violent caper 'The Smack' (Mulholland, 352 pages, $26), he’s staying at a low-rent casino hotel in Reno, Nev., and down to his last $4,000 in cash. 'Forty years of fighting gravity,' he thinks to himself, 'and what did he have to show for it? A failed marriage, a daughter on dope, and a wallet full of maxed-out credit cards.' At this point, vulnerable Petty is offered a role in a scheme to intercept $2 million being smuggled to Los Angeles from Afghanistan. At first he doesn’t think he’s the man for the job: 'That’s not my line. Robbery, rough stuff. I talk chumps out of their money.' But his tempter, a 70-year-old grifter even more desperate than Petty, is persuasive. As Mr. Lange’s semi-likable protagonist sets up shop in L.A., he acquires a companion named Tinafey ('like that white lady on TV,' she explains) and starts to get mixed up with other dodgy urban characters. 'The Smack' is often riveting, thanks to its surreal action scenes, and gradually the path of Petty’s progress becomes ever twistier and more lethal. 'He felt a little noble,' Mr. Lange writes early on; 'he felt a little doomed.' Time will tell."

7-21-17: Steph Cha gives The Smack a great review in the L.A. Times.

7-21-17: The Smack gets a rave, and an illustration!, in the New York Times Book Review.

7-19-17: Richard's publisher asked him a few questions about his dog, Judge Judy.

7-18-17: The Huffington Post recently interviewed Richard about The Smack.

7-18-17: Publication day for The Smack. In honor of that, here's a piece Richard did for Lit Hub on some of his favorite books and movies featuring con artists.

7-10-17: Richard recently did the podcast Writer Types. He's the first author interviewed in Episode 7. Listen closely for a special appearance by his dog, Judge Judy.

7-8-17: Nice review of Ce Monde Cruel (This Wicked World) at the French blog Demosthene Le Serial Lecteur. It's the last book in the roundup.

7-7-17: The Smack gets a starred review in Library Journal. Scroll down a bit in the link to see it.

6-29-17: A sneak peek at the first two chapters of The Smack courtesy of Crime Files.

6-18-17: Kirkus loves The Smack!

6-7-17: The Smack is a June Staff Favourite at Canada's Library Bound.

6-6-17: Richard will be reading at Book Soup with Paul Vidich, author of The Good Assassin, at 7pm on July 27.

6-6-17: Richard will be reading at Skylight Books at 7:30pm on July 20.

5-20-17: Publishers Weekly is down with The Smack.

5-17-17: On June 11, at 11:30am, Richard will be appearing on the panel "The History of Mystery" at the El Segundo Author Fair.

5-8-17: Nadia Masri's film of "Long Lost" from Dead Boys won first prize for Best Short Film at the Crossroads of Art festival in Moscow. Congratulations, Nadia!

4-31-17: Kind words about The Smack from Joe Ide, author of IQ:“It’s hard to imagine Richard Lange wasn’t, in some previous life, a hustler from Reno with a girlfriend named Tinafey he met on a professional date who goes to LA to steal a fortune from a one-legged soldier home from Afghanistan and a host of other terrifying individuals. The characters are real and satisfying, the relationships will warm your heart and break it at the same time. The Smack is convincing, hectic and terrific fun.”

4-25-17: Nice writeup (in French) of Angel Baby.

4-22-17: On June 24 at 2pm Richard will be on a panel called "Darkness Under the Light" at the John C. Fremont branch of the Los Angeles Public Library.

4-22-17: Fantastic blurb for The Smack from Adam Sternbergh, author of Shovel Ready, Near Enemy and the upcoming The Blinds: "If Elmore Leonard and Dennis Cooper collaborated on a novel, they might produce something as exciting, harrowing and emotionally powerful as THE SMACK. Call it a literary thriller or call it thrilling literature—Richard Lange is emerging as the master of a new kind of novel: One that delivers breathless, gripping action while anchored in the authentic troubles of the real world. THE SMACK arrives like a genuine miracle—that rare thriller that will jack your pulse even as it breaks your heart."

9-1-16: The French paperback of Angel Baby is out today.

8-23-16: The Smack, my new novel, isn't out until next July, but it's already up at Goodreads.

5-3-16: It's not out until September 1, but here's a peek at the cover for the French paperback of Angel Baby.

1-23-16: "To Ashes," from Sweet Nothing, was named one of the best short stories of 2015 by Blue Moon Publishers.

1-9-16: Nice review of Angel Baby at a German website, Der Schneemann.

1-6-16: Chris Irvin gives Sweet Nothing a nice shout-out at Spinetingler.

12-14-15: Sweet Nothing made the Best Books of the Year list at the Kansas City Star.

11-2-15: Sweet Nothing is the December Book Club pick at LitReactor. The collection comes out in paperback tomorrow.

11-1-15: Here's a little info on Nadia Masri's short film of "Long Lost" from Dead Boys.

10-18-15: On Tuesday, 11/3, Richard will be on a panel at the Central Library in downtown L.A. called "Shadow of Angels: Local Writers on the Dark Side of Los Angeles." 7pm, free!

9-29-15: Nadia Masri, a filmmaker from Luxembourg, will be making a short film based on Richard's story "Long Lost" from Dead Boys.

8-10-15: Richard's story "Bank of America" has been translated into German.

7-2-15: "Apocrypha", from Sweet Nothing, has been awarded the Short Story Dagger by Great Britain's Crime Writers' Association, and one of the judges wrote an interesting piece on the selection process.

5-26-15: Richard did a short video interview with La Fringale Culturelle.

5-16-15: Not one but TWO stories from ("Apocrypha" and "Sweet Nothing") have been shortlisted by Britain's Crime Writers Association for the Dagger Award for short story.

4-29-15: Sweet Nothing is on the very long longlist for the Frank O'Connor International Short Story Award.

4-29-15: Good review of Sweet Nothing in Barnes & Noble Review.

4-10-15: Lovely review of Sweet Nothing at Chapter 16.

4-3-15: Nice shoutout from T.C. Boyle in his New York Public Library interview.

4-2-15: Great German review of Angel Baby at Spiegel Online.

3-19-15: A quick-and-dirty interview with Richard at My Bookish Ways.

3-18-15: Nice writeup of Sweet Nothing at Short Story Insights.

3-13-15: Praise for Sweet Nothing from the Kansas City Star.

3-12-15: Richard created a playlist for Sweet Nothing, one song per story, for Largehearted Boy.

3-8-15: Bookgasm loves Sweet Nothing.

3-3-15: On Friday, April 3, Richard will be reading with Sean Bernard at the Last Bookstore in Downtown L.A.

3-2-15: Outstanding review of Sweet Nothing at 20Something Reads.

2-23-15: Richard is interviewed at Kelly Smith Reviews.

2-23-15: The Toronto Sun digs Sweet Nothing.

2-20-15: Richard did a podcast for Publishers Weekly Radio.

2-19-15: Richard's story "Apocrypha" has been selected for inclusion in Best American Mystery Stories 2015. The story originally appeared in Bull: Mens Fiction No. 4 and is one of the stories in Richard's new collection, Sweet Nothing. Another story from Sweet Nothing, "Baby Killer," appeared in Best American Mystery Stories 2011.

2-17-15: Here's a podcast of Richard reading "Instinctive Drowning Response" at Skylight Books.

2-17-15: LitReactor reviews Sweet Nothing.

2-16-15: Nice piece on Sweet Nothing at Malcolm Avenue Review.

2-10-15: Publication day for Sweet Nothing. Also, a short interview with Richard goes up at LitReactor.

2-5-15: Richard will be appearing on an author panel at the Long Beach Comic Expo at noon on Sunday, March 1.

1-31-15: The second L.A. reading/signing of Sweet Nothing is February 20 at 7pm at Book Soup.

1-30-15: First L.A. reading/signing of Sweet Nothing is February 14 at 5pm at Skylight Books in Los Feliz.

1-27-15: Great review of Sweet Nothing in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

1-26-15: Here are the author lineups for two festivals Richard will be attending this spring: Quais du Polar in Lyon, France on March 27-29 and the Arkansas Literary Festival in Little Rock on April 23-26.

1-8-15: Library Review weighs in on Sweet Nothing: "With one noteworthy exception, which features a prison guard in France's guillotine era watching over 'the Wolf,' a cryptic child murderer, the ten longish stories in this collection are mostly set on the side streets of Los Angeles and infused with an urban realism laced with extraordinary circumstance. The titular tale has two roommates seeking renovation. At 400-plus pounds, Troy wants weight loss and fitness, while Dennis, once prosperous but derailed by addictions, seeks normalcy. Troy loses the weight but dies of a heart attack. Dennis befriends a distraught mother during his Subway night shift, moves up to Best Buy, and is soon a manager, going steadily in what he hopes is the right direction and maybe even renewed contact with his children. Another story finds a gambling addict on a hopeful date, but as his date wins at the ponies he keeps losing, forfeiting even her winnings, until he 'borrows' $20 from a crony and wins a weird superfecta, netting more than $1,000 but losing the girl. VERDICT Utterly believable postcards from the edge; for those who like their realism not so magical but right there at street level."

12-2-14: Kirkus loves Sweet Nothing!

11-13-14: A promo video for French singer/songwriter Joseph d'Anvers' show based around Dead Boys.

10-27-14: A beautiful blurb for Sweet Nothing from Richard's old friend T.C. Boyle: "Richard Lange’s stories are a revelation. He writes of the disaffections and bewilderments of ordinary lives with as keen an anger and searing lyricism as anybody out there today. He is Raymond Carver reborn in a hard cityscape. Read him and be amazed."

10-16-14: Booklist had this to say about Sweet Nothing: Lange, author of the award-winning short story collection Dead Boys (2007) and the well-received novel Angel Baby (2013), provides readers with a walk on the dark side, mostly in Los Angeles. He portrays the lives of people struggling to survive, with the focus on families, both blood-related and chance-made. Drug addicts, working folk, and the occasional loner people this collection of skillfully constructed short stories. In “Baby Killer,” Bianca’s fear of gang vengeance is suddenly erased when she sees the gunman, Puppet, in her own home. Campbell, a drug addict, can hardly keep his head above water after his lover Maryrose dies of an overdose in “Instinctive Drowning Response.” In “After All,” a desolate future drives Bear and his son, Benny, into the wilderness to hunt for his grandfather’s Krugerrands to square family debts. In the heartrending “To Ashes,” the solitary Brewster meets a father and son searching for relatives from Mexico who may not have survived a fierce wildfire. These 10 stories will have broad appeal because of Lange’s accessible style and fine characterization.— Ellen Loughran

10-2-14: Richard's new story "After All" is now up at Kenyon Review Online.

9-17-14: Richard's story "Instinctive Drowning Response" is now up at the online journal New World Writing.

9-16-14: Richard will be appearing on a panel at the Boucheron Conference in Long Beach, CA. Saturday, Nov. 15, at 1:30pm. Stop by and say hey.

9-15-14: Richard's story "The Wolf of Bordeaux" is now up at The Summerset Review. It will appear in the new collection, Sweet Nothing, out in February.

9-5-14: Richard will be appearing at the Arkansas Literary Festival in April.

8-20-14: There's a one-question interview with Richard up at BULL.

7-30-14: The summer issue of The Southern Review, featuring Richard's story "Gather Darkness," is now available. There is also an audio gallery where Richard reads a bit of the story.

7-28-14: Richard's story "The Wolf of Bordeaux" will appear online in The Summerset Review in September.

7-28-14: Richard, Jerry Stahl, and Dan Fante will be reading some Bukowski at Skylight Books at 5pm on August 16. Come on down!

7-22-14: Here's what the amazing Craig Davidson has to say about Sweet Nothing: "I've been reading Richard Lange's work since Dead Boys blew my doors off years ago, and goddamn, the man just keeps getting better. The stories in Sweet Nothing traffic in the vagaries of the human heart, those wants and needs that push us down dark paths. His vision is steely-eyed, yet you sense that Lange loves his characters—even the worst of them—and that compassion sharpens your own emotional investment in this powerful brace of stories."

7-8-14: Look what Joe Lansdale said about Sweet Nothing: "What makes this collection a wonderful read is it's only marginally akin to anything else. Swift, gut wrenching, and sometimes cleverly disarming fiction by a master."

6-30-14: Here's what the great James Sallis had to say about Sweet Nothing: "For me the best stories are rabbit holes. You read the first lines, maybe a page, and you’re down there. Somewhere else. Another life. Richard Lange is one cwazy rabbit." Here's the link to his books.

6-24-14: Richard will be appearing at Stories in Echo Park on July 12 to help launch the anthology The New Black, which contains his story "Fuzzyland" from Dead Boys. Here's the link to the event.

6-9-14: A taste of Richard's new story "Apocrypha" is now up at Bull.

6-8-14: Richard is thrilled to announce that the North American branch of the International Association of Crime Writers has awarded Angel Baby the Hammett Prize for literary excellence in the field of crime writing. He thanks everyone who had anything to do with this honor and offers fist bumps and soul shakes to the other finalists: Craig Davidson (Cataract City), Heywood Gould (Green Light for Murder), Lisa Moore (Caught), and George Pelecanos (The Double).

6-4-14: Mulholland U.K. gets a peek at Richard's office.

5-29-14: New story by Richard, "Apocrypha," in the new issue of Bull. Get it!

5-28-14: Richard recently had a long conversation with Paul Losada over at the podcast "Drinking With Writers."

5-27-14: Angel Baby is out in paperback today. Includes a story from Sweet Nothing, out in February.

5-7-14: Booklist compiled a bunch of "border noir" titles, and Angel Baby made the list.

4-1-14: An Italian interview with Richard at Thriller Cafe. And here it is in English. 3-28-14: Here's a look at the cover of Sweet Nothing, out 2/10/15.

3-24-14: An interview with Richard at the Italian blog Liberi di Scrivere.

3-22-14: Another Italian rave for Angel Baby, this one from Thriller Magazine.

3-20-14: Here's a writeup of Angel Baby at the Italian website Thriller Cafe.

3-10-14: Check out the cover of the Italian edition of Angel Baby.

3-6-14: Richard will be on a panel at the L.A. Times Festival of Books at noon on April 13. It's called "Fiction:The New Noir," and the other panelists are Mark Haskell Smith, Kem Nunn, and Adam Sternbergh.

2-11-14: Richard's story "After All" will appear on the Kenyon Review Online.

2-7-14: Angel Baby review at Joyous Reads.

1-29-14: Richard's doing Vermin on the Mount on Thursday, Feb 13. 7:30pm at Book Show, Nomad Art Complex, 1993 Blake Avenue, L.A., CA.

1-24-14: A Sixty-Second Review of Angel Baby.

1-13-14: Angel Baby is a finalist for the Hammett Prize, awarded by the International Association of Crime Writers. It also made the year-end list at Daily Grindhouse.

1-4-14: The Stacks digs Dead Boys.

12-16-13: Court Haslett, author of Tenderloin, gives Angel Baby some end-of-year love at Pulp Curry.

12-4-13: Angel Baby is named one of the best books of the year at Kirkus Review and one of the favorite books of the year at Grift Magazine.

11-10-13: Richard will be appearing with the great Jerry Stahl at Skylight Books in Los Feliz on Tuesday, 11/12 at 7:30pm.

9-19-13: An interview with Richard is up at Fiction Writers Review.

9-10-13: It's official: The title of Richard's new collection is Sweet Nothing. It'll be out next fall on Mulholland/Little, Brown. Also, Richard will be appearing at the West Hollywood Book Fair on Sunday, Sept 29, at 11am, on a panel with Matthew Specktor and Seth Greenland, moderated by David Ulin.

8-21-13: RIP Elmore Leonard. Various writers, including Richard, paid tribute to the man in the L.A. Times.

7-29-13: Richard is pleased to announce a new deal with Mulholland/Little, Brown. First up, a collection of stories, then a novel. Mulholland U.K. will publish the stories over there.

7-28-13: A nice review of Angel Baby at Grimisham.

7-23-13: Short but sweet Angel Baby review from Indigo.

7-23-13: Angel Baby will be published in Germany by Heyne.

7-15-13: Mullholland Books has posted a conversation between Richard and the great George Pelecanos.

7-11-13: This Wicked World is a favorite L.A. novel at the L.A. Weekly.

7-5-13: A great Angel Baby review at Apart From It All.

7-1-13: Nice Angel Baby reviews from the Omaha World-Herald and A Bookish Librarian.

6-24-13: Bookgasm digs Angel Baby.

6-23-13: Grift reviews Angel Baby.

6-14-13: Big news: Warner Brothers has optioned Angel Baby, and Richard is writing the screenplay.

6-9-13: A podcast of Richard's Skylight Books reading.

6-6-13: Great Angel Baby review from noir star Ro Cuzon

6-4-13: My Bookish Ways reviews Angel Baby and interviews Richard.

6-1-13: Fantastic L.A. Times review for Angel Baby.

5-31-13: Angel Baby review from It's Either Sadness or Euphoria.

5-28-13: Shelf Awareness loves Angel Baby.

5-27-13: An interview with Richard at Corduroy Books.

5-24-13: Angel Baby takes the Page 69 Test.

5-24-13: The New York Times loves Angel Baby!

5-23-13: Esquire on Angel Baby: “There are books – like Cormac McCarthy’s No Country for Old Men and Nic Pizzolatto’s Galveston – that open with a trigger snap of trouble and blast forward with the propulsive force of a bullet and never stop moving…This novel about an escape is the perfect summer escape. Lange proved his poetic grit with Dead Boys and This Wicked World, but Angel Baby puts him in a new category: crime boss.” --Ben Percy

5-21-13: Angel Baby is a "Hot Read" at The Daily Beast.

5-20-13: Here's a piece Richard did on the literary inspirations for a death scene in Angel Baby.

5-19-13: Fantastic review of Angel Baby in the Los Angeles Review of Books.

5-16-13: Jigsaw Magazine spent an afternoon with Richard at Musso & Frank.

5-15-13: Here's an annotated map of a few locations from Angel Baby.

5-14-13: Publication date for Angel Baby! ran a nice profile of Richard.

5-12-13: Big day for Angel Baby mentions: The Denver Post, The Raleigh News & Observer, and a "Must Read" at My Bookish Ways!

5-4-13: A couple of blogs review Angel Baby: The Armchair Librarian and The Review Broads.

5-2-13: Great Booklist review for Angel Baby: "Luz’s plan to escape her husband, Tijuana’s brutal narco boss, and rejoin her daughter, who is hidden with relatives in L.A., seems flawless right up to the moment Luz is caught with her hands in the safe and frantically shoots her way out the door. Within hours, she’s hired Malone, a surfer gone to seed (and nursing a tragic past), to smuggle her across the border. Luz’s husband quickly sets reluctant enforcer Jeronimo on her trail, holding his family hostage as motivation. When Jeronimo foils a crooked Border Patrol agent’s robbery of Luz’s stolen cash, he and the agent, Thacker, form an uneasy partnership whose unraveling kicks the story into its groove. The story line is certainly familiar, but it’s wrapped in enticing layers. Lange pits Luz and Malone against Jeronimo and Thacker, each pair with one soul desperate to save what they love and one self-destructing from the knowledge they’ve destroyed it. Hope and regret tangle at each turn, and Lange’s tours through Tijuana and SoCal evoke a gritty grace. For readers who have already plowed through all the available Don Winslow."

4-29-13: Mystery Scene digs Angel Baby!

4-17-13: Ahoy, San Diego! Richard will be signing at Mysterious Galaxy at 2pm on June 22, along with Lisa Brackmann.

4-11-13: Third L.A. reading/signing for Angel Baby will be at Stories in Echo Park at 7:30pm on June 7.

4-8-13: Joseph d'Anvers amazing Dead Boys project, a combination of his songs and readings from Richard's book, premieres May 25 in Caen, France. You can see a video for one of the song's from the show here.

4-6-13: Second L.A. reading/signing of Angel Baby will be at Book Soup at 7pm on May 30.

4-3-13: First L.A. reading/signing of Angel Baby will be at Skylight Books in Los Feliz at 7pm on May 17. Be there!

4-2-13: Angel Baby gets an A+ from Shakefire.

3-30-13: Nice review of Angel Baby from Mystery One bookstore in Milwaukee.

3-17-13: Angel Baby gets Publishers Weekly's stamp of approval.

2-26-13: The first three chapters of Angel Baby are up on Mulholland's Facebook page.

2-20-13: Some Angel Baby anticipation from Austin's Mystery People.

2-11-13: Take a look at the cool French cover for the paperback of This Wicked World (Ce Monde Cruel).

2-6-13: Angel Baby gets a starred review in Kirkus:
"A rising star in neonoir, Lange follows up his 2009 novel, This Wicked World, with a sharply calibrated and affecting tale about a young Mexican beauty who will do anything to reclaim the baby daughter she left in Los Angeles. "The woman, Luz, survived a hard upbringing in Tijuana only to fall under the control of an abusive Mexican drug lord, Rolando, aka "El Principe." After going to great lengths to convince him she is devoted to him, she sneaks off with a pile of his money, killing two of his household staff with his gun. She hires Malone, an American who makes a living smuggling Mexicans across the border, to drive her to California. They are quickly pursued by Jerónimo, a one-time LA gang member whom Rolando springs from a Tijuana prison to bring back Luz, and Thacker, a corrupt U.S. Border Patrol agent. Jerónimo, a reformed soul whose wife and daughter are being held by Rolando until he returns with Luz, strikes an uneasy alliance with the slovenly, unreformed Thacker: He'll get Luz, and the border cop will get the money. Malone, who is haunted by memories of seeing his own little girl run over by a car, becomes committed to Luz. The twisting plot thickens when Rolando orders Jerónimo to bring back Luz's child as well. Unlike most such stories, this book is driven not by greed or revenge but by parenthood, and Lange doesn't subscribe to the usual moral checks and balances. In all other ways, however, he embraces classic noir in all its violence, bleakness and dark humor. He makes readers care about his flawed characters and appreciate the odds that were stacked against them by the circumstances of their upbringing.
"A film waiting to happen, this book boasts memorable characters, evocative settings and a suspenseful plot."

2-1-13: A great Angel Baby blurb from the amazing Benjamin Percy: "This novel should come with a warning. Because if you read so much as a single sentence, you will be gripped by its unstoppable force, addicted to the book as if it were a brick of black tar heroin. Happily, perilously plan to lose the next twelve hours of your life. The sentences flash like switchblades, the chapters rattle off like gunfire. Make all the comparisons you like—Cormac McCarthy, Dennis Lehane, Martin Scorsese—but Richard Lange is a force of his own, the high standard for crime fiction."

1-18-13: Another nice blurb for Angel Baby, this one from Don Mann, author of Inside Seal Team Six and a 17-year Navy Seal: "Richard Lange’s gripping novel is full of compelling characters including a manipulative Mexican drug lord, a treacherous hit man and sleazy border opportunists, but at the heart of this fast moving story is Luz. Her journey to find freedom, redemption and love as she navigates the seediest parts of Mexican border towns leads her into the United States and an uncertain fate that threatens not just her own life, but that of her estranged daughter. A forceful read with strong, seedy characters and an attention-grabbing story-line."

1-5-13: Nice Angel Baby shout-out on Warren Ellis' blog.

1-4-13: Albin Michel will publish Angel Baby in France.

1-3-13: Another blurb for Angel Baby, this one from the amazing Warren Ellis: "A bone-crushing nightmare parable: bad people doing the wrong things for love."

1-2-13: Richard and some other literary types offer up their New Years resolutions in the L.A. Times.

12-27-12: Another Angel Baby blurb, this one from Jerry Stahl, a prince among men: "Richard Lange has a Ph. D in badass, and in Angel Baby he leads the reader through every can’t-look, can’t-look-away-corner of treachery and sleaze, violence and danger, with a level of detail and authority so overpowering, so spot-on in every nuance of criminal speech and casual savagery that it would surprise absolutely no one to discover the author did some kind of time on the dark side himself before scrapping his sawed-off for a laptop. From the opening paragraph, Lange ratchets up the tension, and doesn’t let up until the last realer-than-real, punch-in-the throat scene. I loved this book – and can’t wait until his next one. Lange stands out as the greatest young crime writer of his generation, precisely because he doesn’t write crime – he writes literature. Dark, true, wild-ass, and un-fucking-put-downable."

12-26-12: First blurb for Angel Baby, from the great Ron Rash: " Angel Baby starts off in a sprint and never slows down. Richard Lange is a natural-born storyteller. What an excellent novel, both suspenseful and surprisingly moving."

12-6-12: Advance reading copies of Angel Baby have arrived.

11-7-12: Einaudi will publish Angel Baby in Italy.

9-27-12: Richard will be on the "L.A. Literary Journal" panel at the West Hollywood Book Fair on 9/30, from 2:45-3:45, and signing books afterward.

9-17-12: Be the first on your block to pre-order Angel Baby.

8-31-12: Check out the cover comp for Angel Baby on this page.

7-13-12: Dead Boys is recommended reading in the Guide Michelin for the Southwest.

7-5-12: There's a nice writeup on Richard at the ECLA website, the group that brought him to Bordeaux for his residency. There's also a blurb at Sortir 47 about Richard's reading next week (7/11) at Librairie L'essential in Casteljaloux.

6-26-12: On June 28 singer/songwriter/producer Joseph D'Anvers will be reading from Dead Boys and playing his music as part of the Le Marathon Des Mots literary festival in Toulouse, France.

6-14-12: Revised manuscript for Angel Baby has been returned to the publisher. Up next: ARCs?

6-12-12: Richard will be making two appearances while living as Writer in Residence in Bordeaux this summer: June 30 at Bookstore in Biarritz and July 11 at a library and the bookstore Librairie L'essential in Casteljaloux.

5-14-12: Richard's piece on on Tijuana is up now at the Mulholland Books website.

4-29-12: Richard will be reading from his new novel Angel Baby at the Silver Lake Jubilee, May 27 at 4pm.

4-4-12: The title of Richard's new novel has been changed to Angel Baby. It will be out in May 2013.

4-3-12: Richard will be judging a Literary Death Match on April 20 at Atwater Crossing.

3-30-12: Check out Richard's new author photo on this page. Shot by L.A. photographer Paul Redmond.

3-21-12: Richard will be Writer in Residence in Bordeaux, France this summer. Here's a link to a slideshow of this beautiful city.

1-8-12: Hayley Fox from radio station KPCC took a walk with Richard around MacArthur Park, and the interview is up now.

1-3-12: Literary resolutions in the L.A. Times.

12-19-11: Gather Darkness will appear in the United Kingdom on Mulholland Books U.K., a Hodder imprint.

12-5-11: Richard is pleased to announce that he's signed with Little, Brown for another novel. Look for Gather Darkness in Spring 2013 on the Mulholland Books imprint.

10-10-11: There's a French interview with Richard up at

10-9-11: The issue of Alaska Quarterly Review featuring Richard's story "To Ashes" is now available.

9-26-11: Best American Mystery Stories 2011 on sale now. Includes Richard's story "Baby Killer."

9-1-11: Fifteen minutes of Richard looking uncomfortable onstage in France. The fun starts at 4:40.

8-30-11: Dead Boys featured at the French literary site (Scroll down for translation.)

8-19-11: Cool Swiss video review of This Wicked World.

8-16-11: This Wicked World recommended summer reading in the UCD Advocate.

6-29-11: A great review of This Wicked World in La Libre Belgique.

6-19-11: The Belgian newspaper Le Soir reviews This Wicked World and interviews Richard.

6-17-11: French review of This Wicked World from Chronicart.

5-8-11: Another nice French review of This Wicked World, from L'Alsace.

4-25-11: L'Express digs This Wicked World.

4-11-11: A nice Dead Boys piece in France's Telerama.

4-7-11: More French love for This Wicked World. This time, Le Matin.

4-6-11: Richard will be appearing on a panel at Literary Orange at UC Irvine this Saturday (4/6).

4-4-11: France's Les Inrocks loves This Wicked World (Ce monde cruel).

3-16-11: The French paperback of Dead Boys is now available.

3-15-11: Richard will be reading this Friday (3-18) at 8pm at Fix in Echo Park as part of a Slake magazine event.

2-17-11: Richard has been invited to appear at Etonnants Voyageurs in Saint-Malo this June.

2-14-11: Richard's story "To Ashes" will appear in the Alaska Quarterly Review.

2-1-11: Check out the cover for Ce monde cruel, the French edition of This Wicked World.

1-29-11: Richard's story "Baby Killer" from Slake #1 has been selected for Best American Mystery Stories 2011.

12-29-10: This Wicked World's Jimmy Boone is named Best New P.I. at Sons of Spade.

12-19-10: Nice review of This Wicked World at MostlyFiction.

10-10-10: At 7:30 pm on Nov. 22 Richard will be reading at the Geffen Theater in Westwood as part of the Red Hen Press series, along with Rebecca O'Connor and Summer Brenner.

10-09-10: Nice piece on This Wicked World at Go-Go-Rama.

10-06-10: On Saturday, Nov. 13, Richard will be part of the University of La Verne's Writers Harverst, a reading held in partnership with the Inland Valley Hope Partners, a community food bank and shelter. The price of admission is a modest food donation, which will help stock the local food bank in advance of the Thanksgiving holiday. There are lots of great writers participating, and it's for a good cause.

10-05-10: Great review of Dead Boys at The Story Is the Cure.

8-14-10: Nice blurb for This Wicked World in the New York Times Book Review.

7-29-10: Richard will be reading at Stories in Echo Park on August 5 as part of another big Slake launch party.

7-16-10: Richard will be reading at Track 16 in Bergamont Station in Santa Monica on July 22 as part of the big Slake launch party there.

7-06-10: Check out the lineup for Festival America. It takes place in Paris (Vincennes, really) September 23-26.

7-03-10: Richard's schedule for Lettres Du Monde in Bordeaux in September:
Tues, Sept. 28, 7pm: Artigues-Pres-Bordeaux, Mediatheque Gabriela Mistral.
Weds, Sept. 29, 7pm:Bordeaux, Moliere Scene d'Aquitaine (with Richard Bausch, Percival Everett and Benjamin Percy)
Thurs, Sept. 30, 7pm: Bergerac, Librairie La Colline aux livres
Fri, Oct. 1, 7pm: Andernos-Les-Bains, Mediatheque municipale

6-30-10: The first issue of Slake is out now, featuring Richard's story "Baby Killer" and lots of other great stuff. Support this magazine!

6-18-10: This Wicked World at Sons of Spade.

5-20-10: The Boston Herald loves This Wicked World.

5-04-10: This Wicked World was Powell's Books' "Daily Dose" yesterday.

5-03-10: The paperback edition of This Wicked World is now available everywhere. It includes Richard's takes on ten great crime films and ten great crime books.

4-28-10: The schedule for the Vis A Vis Festival in Venice, CA on May 15 is now up. Richard will be appearing on a panel with James Frey and Jean Rolin. Come on down!

3-18-10: Richard just returned from the Tucson Festival of Books, where he met the great Elmore Leonard. Photo proof below. Also, if there are any Mac users who want a free Kindle for PC application that will allow you to read Richard's Atlantic Monthly story "Must Come Down," you can get it here.

3-08-10: Those who want to read Richard's Atlantic Monthly story, "Must Come Down," but don't have a Kindle can download a free Kindle for PC application from Amazon. If you have an iPhone, there's also a free Kindle application for that device.

3-05-10: One week until the Tucson Festival of Books. Richard will be appearing on two panels on Sunday.

3-01-10: The March issue of The Sun with Richard's story "The 100 to 1 Club" is out now. Get it at your local newsstand or order it here. Better yet, subscribe. It's a great mag. Also, Richard's story for the Atlantic Monthly's Fiction For Kindle series is now available. And finally, The Monofonus Press Teleportal Reading featuring video of Richard reading from This Wicked World takes place tomorrow night, March 2, at 8pm, at the Hotel San Jose in Austin.

2-28-10: Richard will be reading at the French Side, West Coast literary festival in Venice, CA on May 15. Details to come.

2-22-10: Richard has been invited to attend the Lettres Du Monde festival in Bordeaux, France, September 28-October 3.

2-09-10: Attention Austin: A video of Richard reading from This Wicked World will be part of the Monofonus Press' Teleportal reading series on February 23 at 8pm at the Hotel San Jose.

1-27-10: Richard's story "The 100 to 1 Club" will appear in the March issue of The Sun.

1-26-10: Richard will be appearing at the Tucson Festival of Books on March 13 and 14.

1-11-10: Nice This Wicked World review at The Lesser of Two Equals.

1-09-10: Dead Boys gets a shout-out from Dave Housley at The Collagist. He says the stories are "literate, but they also have balls, and that’s not something you find every day."

12-28-09: Guess what book was named Best Noir Debut at Pop Culture Nerd.

12-15-09: This Wicked World makes the year-end list at Book Bitch.

12-14-09: Richard's new story "The 100 to 1 Club" will appear in an upcoming issue of The Sun. Details to come.

12-12-09: Another year-end list for This Wicked World: Clues Unlimited in Tucson.

12-10-09: This Wicked World makes the year-end list at North Carolina's News & Observer.

12-07-09: Here's a New York Times article on The Atlantic's new deal to sell branded fiction through Amazon's Kindle store. Richard's story "Must Come Down" will be available there soon.

12-05-09: The Atlantic Monthly has purchased Richard's new story "Must Come Down." Details to come.

12-04-09: Marilyn Stasio of the New York Times picks This Wicked World as one of the best crime novels of 2009.

11-16-09: There's an interview with Richard and a review of Dead Boys at The Short Review.

11-08-09: Richard's story "Baby Killer" will appear in the first issue of Slake, a new L.A.-based journal out in February.

10-31-09: Richard has been invited to appear at Festival America in Paris, France on Sept. 24-26, 2010.

9-15-09: Nice This Wicked World shout-out on author David Liss' blog. Buy all of this man's books.

9-08-09: Calling all desert rats: Richard will be reading at the Mt. Fuji General Store & Gallery in Joshua Tree, CA, at 6pm on Sept. 19. Mike Watt is playing at the Joshua Tree Saloon that night, so the fun will go on and on.

9-04-09: A reminder that next Sunday (9/13) I'll be reading at Book Party at the Mandrake in Culver City. It's going to be a goodie.

8-24-09: Great review of This Wicked World at The Drowning Machine.

8-20-09: French-speakers: Great review of Dead Boys in Switzerland's Le Temps.

8-17-09: A couple of new This Wicked World reviews: BookBitch and New Mystery Reader (you have to scroll down a bit on both).

8-14-09: Check out the review of This Wicked World at The Morning News.

8-12-09: A reminder that Richard will be appearing at The Mystery Bookstore in Westwood this Saturday, August 15, at 2:30pm.

8-10-09: Great review of This Wicked World in North Carolina's News & Observer. Also, Richard had a fine time at Mysterious Galaxy Books on Sunday. A fantastic store. Stop by if you're ever in San Diego.

8-05-09: Ahoy San Diego: A reminder that Richard will be appearing at Mysterious Galaxy Books on Sunday, August 9, at 2pm. Drop by and say hello.

7-29-09: Richard will be signing at The Mystery Bookstore in Westwood at 2:30pm on Saturday, August 15.

7-27-09: Richard will be reading and signing at Stories this Saturday, August 1, at 8pm. Also appearing will be the poet John Tottenham. Don't miss it! Also, great review of This Wicked World at The Daily Beast.

7-22-09: Check out the infamous Page 69 Test for This Wicked World.

7-18-09: Thanks to everyone who came to the Skylight Books reading. So many friends, old and new. A reminder that Richard will read and sign at Stories in Echo Park at 8pm on August 1. He'll also be at Mysterious Galaxy Books in San Diego at 2pm on Sunday, August 9. Bonus: A nice review of This Wicked World at Mystery Scene.

7-10-09. Tonight. Skylight Books. Los Feliz. 7:30. This Wicked World. Be there.

7-07-09: Richard will be reading at Mandrake in Culver City on Sept. 13, as part of the Book Party series.

7-06-09: A reminder that Richard is reading this Friday at Skylight Books in Los Feliz at 7:30. Come by and get a book signed.

7-05-09: Great This Wicked World review in the New York Times.

7-01-09: The L.A. Times loves This Wicked World!

6-30-09: Nice review of This Wicked World at Pop Culture Nerd.

6-28-09: There's an interview with Richard and a nice review of This Wicked World in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

6-26-09: Two weeks until Skylight Books reading of This Wicked World. Friday, July 10, at 7:30pm.

6-25-09: Another French rave for Dead Boys, this time in Le Figaro.

6-24-09: The Poisoned Pen has signed copies of This Wicked World available by mail. Also, for you French speakers, here's a great review of Dead Boys from Le Soir, a newspaper from Belgium.

6-19-09: Skylight Books in Los Feliz has copies of This Wicked World two weeks before the official release date. Check your local stores!

6-15-09: This Wicked World is now shipping from Amazon for those who pre-ordered.

6-11-09: Here is a video of Richard at Etonnants Voyageurs, on a panel with his lovely interpreter, Dominique; Eric Miles Williamson; and Pascal Garnier. Press the "play" button and wait a few seconds for the video to load.

6-10-09: Ahoy, San Diego: Richard will be reading at Mysterious Galaxy Books at 2pm on Sunday, August 9. Also, he just received his first copies of This Wicked World, and the book looks great!

6-09-09: For those who can read French, here's the Dead Boys review from Les Echos. Also, all you international fashionistas can check Richard out in this month's French Elle.

6-04-09: This Wicked World makes the L.A. Times' summer reading list.

6-03-09: Clayton Moore does a great writeup of This Wicked World at Bookslut.

6-03-09: News Flash -- This Wicked World has sold in France (to Albin Michel) and Italy (to Einaudi).

6-03-09: Richard is back from France where he was doing publicity for the French version of Dead Boys and attending Etonnants Voyageurs, a literary festival in St.-Malo. The book is getting great reviews in France, including a rave in Telerama.

6-03-09: The L.A. Weekly has an interview with Richard and the prologue to This Wicked World.

5-13-09: Another Paris appearance: May 28 at Millepages in Vincennes, with Madison Smartt Bell. Call for time.

5-11-09: Mark your calendar: Richard will be reading at Stories Bookstore in Echo Park on Saturday, August 1.

5-10-09: If you're in Paris on May 27, Richard will be reading at the Village Voice Bookstore with Kevin Patterson.

5-07-09: Nice Wicked World shout-out from Gillian Flynn in USA Today. Buy all of her books!

5-04-09: The Kirkus review is in, and it's a good one.

5-01-09: Richard will be reading at Skylight Books in L.A. on Friday, July 10.

4-27-09: Publishers Weekly loves This Wicked World!

4-20-09: The L.A. Weekly's L.A. Weekend is now free to all comers, so come on down and see Richard, Jerry Stahl and Patrick DeWitt on Saturday, April 25, at 3pm, at the Montalban Theater in Hollywood. There are also all kinds of other events scheduled.

4-14-09: Richard will be on a panel with Jerry Stahl and Patrick DeWitt as part of the L.A. Weekly's L.A. Weekend. It all goes down Saturday, April 25, at 3pm, at the Montalban Theater in Hollywood. Tickets are $20.

4-09-09: Nice writeup of Richard on Bang!, Clayton Moore's excellent blog.

4-08-09: Richard has been awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship by the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation.

4-07-09: Here are a couple of blurbs for This Wicked World:

"The down-and-dirty events and street talk in this debut crime novel reminds me of a young James Ellroy, and like Ellroy, Richard Lange can really write." —Joseph Wambaugh, author of Hollywood Crows and Hollywood Station
"This Wicked World reads like George Pelecanos transplanted to the gritty, fast-moving streets of Los Angeles. This superb debut establishes Richard Lange as a writer to watch.” —Alafair Burke, author of Angel’s Tip and Close Case

3-17-09: This Wicked World is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

3-11-09: There's a new interview with Richard in The Southeast Review.

2-10-09: When it rains, it pours. First off, Dead Boys is coming out in France in May from Albin Michel. And second, Richard has been invited to participate in the Etonnants Voyageurs literary festival in Saint Malo, France at the end of May. Unbelievable!

2-06-09: Galleys for This Wicked World have arrived at Little, Brown and will now go out to reviewers and blurbers. Thus, it begins....

1-13-09: The manuscript for This Wicked World has officially been turned over to Little, Brown, and galleys should be available in early February. (Deep sigh of relief.) Also, the Word Theatre event Sunday night was fantastic. Kevin Weisman gave a great reading of the first chapter of World. Richard was truly in awe.

1-02-09: On January 11, as part of Word Theatre's fifth annual "Novel and Memoir Beginnings" event, the actor Kevin Weisman (Marshall on Alias) will read the first chapter of Richard's upcoming novel, This Wicked World. The reading takes place in Hollywood at M Bar, 1253 North Vine (SW corner of Vine and Fountain). Doors open at 6:30, curtain is at 7:30. Tickets are $20 in advance, $25 at the door. Lots of other actors will be reading from lots of other great books. Don't miss it!

12-22-08: Copies of the Southern California Review containing Richard's story "Sweet Nothing" are now available.

12-07-08: On Friday Dec. 19 Richard will be reading at The Spot in Culver City as part of Southern California Review Night. David Francis, Stacia Saint Owens, Ruben Quesada and Stephen Silke will also be appearing. The Spot is at 4455 Overland Ave., and the readings run from 7:30-9:30. Copies of the Southern California Review containing Richard's new story, "Sweet Nothing," will be on sale for $10.

12-03-08: A little Dead Boys love from Todd Zuniga at Flavorwire.

11-26-08: Richard will be reading at Stories, a new bookstore in Echo Park, on Friday, Dec. 5. The party starts at 7pm, and Richard will go on about 8. Neighborhood bar crawl to follow. Also, Richard has a story, "Sweet Nothing," in the new Southern California Review, which comes out Dec. 19.

11-16-08: What do you know, Richard was right about the New York Times.

11-12-08: Checkity check it: Richard predicts that Dead Boys will get a mention in this weekend's New York Times Book Review's "Paperback Row."

11-10-08: Here's some Dead Boys paperback love from Cleveland.

11-01-08: A reminder to those in the Portland, OR area that Richard will be reading at Wordstock next weekend, at 4pm on Saturday, Nov. 8. Come get a book signed and say hello.

10-07-08: Richard approved the cover art for his novel, This Wicked World, which will be out in June 2009. It's now displayed on this page.

10-01-08: Another Italian review of Dead Boys.

9-20-08: Richard will be reading in Portland, OR at Wordstock '08. He goes on at 4pm on Saturday, November 8. Also, he has been working with the translator on the French version of Dead Boys.

9-16-08: The paperback edition of Dead Boys is now available from Amazon and should start showing up in stores this week. It contains a brand-new Reading Group Guide with an interview with Richard, a "playlist" for the book and other cool stuff. Check it out.

9-11-08: Another Italian review of Dead Boys.

9-03-08: Something on Dead Boys in the Philadelphia Weekly.

8-09-08: Anybody read Italian? People writing about the Italian edition of Dead Boys here and here.

7-07-08: Dead Boys is a finalist for the 2008 William Saroyan International Prize for Writing.

6-19-08: There's a blurb about Dead Boys in the O.C. Weekly.

5-26-08: Richard traveled to New York to pick up his award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters. The luncheon and ceremony were fantastic, and Richard was thisclose to many of his heroes. Below is a shot of him with William Vollmann to prove that he was really there.

5-08-08: The Italian edition of Dead Boys (Come Morti) is out from Einaudi.

5-06-08: Here's some footage of Richard and a few other authors spouting off at the L.A. Times Festival of Books.

4-25-08: Just a reminder about the panel Richard is on at the L.A. Times Festival of Books this weekend at UCLA. It's called "L.A. Fiction: City of Neighborhoods" and takes place Saturday, April 26, at noon in the Fowler Museum Lenart Auditorium. Drop by and say hey if you're attending.

3-24-08: Richard will be participating in this year's Los Angeles Times Festival of Books at UCLA. He's on a panel called "L.A. Fiction: City of Neighborhoods," which takes place Saturday, April 26, at noon in the Fowler Museum Lenart Auditorium. Get there early, because the panel before Richard's in the same venue is also a goodie, featuring Richard Price, Janet Fitch, Scott Simon and Charles Bock.

3-20-08: Richard is this year's recipient of the Rosenthal Family Foundation Award for Fiction from the American Academy of Arts and Letters. Check out the winners of all the academy's literature award winners here. It's a great honor, and Richard will be traveling to New York at the end of May to attend the ceremony.

2-18-08: On Sunday, March 2, at 6pm, Richard will be doing a brief reading at a benefit for the Edendale Library, his local branch. It's part of a big event that includes wine tasting, music from Bobby Matos, and readings from other authors. The shindig takes place at the Echoplex in Echo Park.

1-24-08: Dead Boys tops the year-end list at junejulyblue.

1-03-08: Dead Boys tops the year-end list at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and is No. 3 at the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The book also made the list at I Will Dare.

12-27-07: Dead Boys makes the year-end list at the Omaha World-Herald and Clayton Moore's blog, Bang! The book also got a nice, long review at Metapsychology Online Reviews.

12-21-07: Great piece in the Inland Empire Weekly, and Dead Boys makes the Notable Books list at the San Francisco Chronicle.

12-20-07: Nice mention in Poets & Writers.

12-17-07: Janet Fitch chooses Dead Boys as her favorite book of the year at E! Online.

12-14-07: Richard's list of favorite books is up at The Millions. Also, Dead Boys makes George Pelecanos' list at the Crime Fiction Dossier. And stop by Chevalier's Books tomorrow, if you're in the nieghborhood. Richard will be signing books from 2-4pm.

12-13-07: Another Best Books of the Year list: the Vancouver Sun.

12-12-07: Dead Boys makes a couple more year-end lists: Baby Got Books' and Tod Goldberg's. Also, Richard's Italian translator has been in touch, and work has begun on the Italian edition of Dead Boys.

12-11-07: Richard will be signing books this Saturday at Chevalier's Books, 126 N. Larchmont, Los Angeles, CA, from 2-4pm.

12-03-07: Dead Boys is reviewed in The Rogue Voice.

11-28-07: Dead Boys is one of the Rocky Mountain News' 50 Favorite Books of the Year. Also, the story "Dead Boys" has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize by Opium magazine.

11-09-07: Part two of the Baby Got Books interview is up.

11-08-07: Part one of an interview with Richard is up at Baby Got Books. Also, the great George Pelecanos gives Dead Boys a nice shout-out at Spinetingler Magazine.

11-07-07: PopMatters reviews Dead Boys.

10-29-07: There's an interview with Richard at Slushpile. Also pick up the new issue of Opium magazine, which features the story "Dead Boys" and lots of other interesting stuff.

10-27-07: Dead Boys is a Pick of the Week at Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind.

10-15-07: The reading at Metropolis went great. Richard's friends, old and new, turned out in force. There's a new interview up, at Things I'd Rather Be Doing. Check it out.

10-10-07: Come see Richard read tomorrow night at Metropolis Books downtown.

10-04-07: A reminder that, one week from today (Thursday, Oct. 11), Richard will be reading at Metropolis Books in downtown Los Angeles. The reading will take place at 7pm, during the monthly Art Walk, when all the galleries stay open late. Grab some friends, come down and hear Richard read, and look at some art. Metropolis is located at 440 S. Main Street.

10-01-07: There's a nice writeup of Dead Boys at E! Online.

9-09-07: The reading at Skylight was swell. The party afterward, even sweller. For those of you who couldn't make it, or who want to see Richard read again, he will be doing his Don Knotts "Shakiest Reader in the West" thing at Metropolis Books in downtown L.A. on Thursday, October 11, at 7pm, during the monthly Artwalk. Also, the New York Times Book Review has a great review of Dead Boys this week. The New York fucking Times!

9-07-07: Richard is reading tonight at Skylight Books in Los Feliz. Be there or be square.

9-02-07: Nice piece in the the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review today.

8-28-07: A nice, long review appeared on the Compulsive Reader website.

8-27-07: There was a review in the Omaha World-Herald, and Steve Salardino of Skylight Books, where Richard will be reading on Friday, Sept. 7, did a nice writeup about the book on the store's blog.

8-25-07: The Rocky Mountain News ran a great piece on Dead Boys, by Clayton Moore. Also, check out Moore's blog, Bang!

8-20-07: The San Francisco Chronicle ran a great review today.

8-19-07: Check out the review in the Free Lance-Star out of Fredericksburg, VA.

8-17-07: The L.A. Times has weighed in on Dead Boys.

8-16-07: A few more reviews have come out: a great one in Time Out New York, another in the Marshfield, Wisconsin News-Herald, and one in the Velocity Weekly in Louisville, KY.

8-13-07: FiveChapters is serializing "The Hero Shot" from Dead Boys all this week.

8-11-07: Richard was asked by Writers Read to write about the books he is currently reading. Check it out.

8-10-07: The Entertainment Weekly review is out, and it's great: "'I haven't read a book in years,' reflects one of the bitter dudes in Lange's gutsy new collection. 'I stopped because no one was writing about me.' Now someone has. In these potent tales, unhappy males hang on to dismal jobs in cubicles, kill time in seedy doughnut shops, and cling to pathetic dreams of escape. The only beauty to be found in this grim volume is Lange's extraordinary craftmanship." A-. Can't beat that!

8-09-07: Richard has been getting reports from across the country of sightings of the book in various bookstores, so go out and get yourself one. He also did a thing for Largehearted Boy where he picked out a song to go with each story in the book. Check it out.

8-01-07: Looks like the book is shipping early from Amazon. Those who pre-ordered should get it by Friday. It might also start showing up in bookstores soon. Wow!

7-27-07: Richard received his first two copies of the finished book yesterday. Very exciting. Looks like it's really going to be published!

7-14-07: Two new reviews, from this month's Details and Los Angeles magazines:
Los Angeles: "Noir heroes tend to come in two categories: hard-boiled guys tougher than we could ever be, or shell-shocked joes who, when times get tough, 'man up.' L.A. author Richard Lange noodles with the genre in his short story collection Dead Boys. In one story, a cuckold in Culver City kidnaps his lover's son, who goes happily with him. In another, a a widower tries to seduce an underage speed freak so that his wife's ghost will kill him. The protagonists we think are the joes are actually the tough guys, or at least not as gooey-centered as we had initially thought." --Robert Ito

Details: "Lange brings Raymond Carver's minimalism to the back alley with tales of California drifters, salesmen and bank robbers. Violence and crime are never far away, though Dead Boys focuses not on the perfect heist but on the emotional wreckage it can leave behind." --Timothy Hodler

7-09-07: Clayton Moore has written a great piece about Dead Boys for Bookslut.

6-26-07: Here's the starred review from Kirkus: "A debut story collection about Los Angeles’s various hopeless classes.
"An alcoholic is haunted by the wife who killed herself and their daughter in 'Love Lifted Me.' A failed actor moves back to his mother’s house in 'The Hero Shot.' Insanity overwhelms a stalker in 'Everything Beautiful is Far Away.' And, in the title story, a moderately successful and deeply numb office dweller jerks back to life. Like the rest of Lange’s protagonists, these men are misfits, screw-ups and sociopaths, and these stories capture them at the moment when their brittle, circumscribed lives finally shatter. The one exception is 'Bank of America,' which depicts a sublimely average family man looking forward to relaxing after he completes his final heist. This superbly crafted tale was chosen for The Best American Mystery Stories 2004, and, in its current company, it presents the reader with a pleasing irony: The gun-toting bank robber is the most gentle, least violent character in the collection. That Lange is equally adept at creating lowlifes, nice guys and all the men who fall somewhere in between says a great deal about his abilities and his style. He provides his vividly real characters with a space in which they can finally release all the emotions—the rage, the longing, the bewilderment—that they work so hard to suppress, and he compels his creations to a level of honesty they’ve evaded with drugs, alcohol and paranoid delusions. Even when this release is self-destructive, it’s also a kind of grace. The men who people this collection may engage in macho posturing, but their author never does.
"Superlative short fiction, and an arresting debut."

6-22-07: Here's the review in the August issue of Men's Health: "This stark collection of short stories is essential reading for any fan of gritty, macho, West Coast noir. It's the stuff of wayward deliverymen and hard-up strippers, something you'd see in a Tarantino film or a bad dream."

6-05-07: Here's what Booklist had to say about Dead Boys: "In the dozen heartbreaking stories collected here, Lange homes in on a group of twentysomething slackers living in the markedly less-prosperous suburbs of L.A. These bereft young men don’t seem to suffer so much from a lack of ambition as from a surfeit of emotion. Frayed nerves and broken hearts have kept them from realizing even the smallest of dreams; they’re always 'between jobs or between marriages, between runs of good luck.' In the title story, the nameless narrator is beset by a host of worries—he thinks his wife is having an affair and that one of his office colleagues is about to commit suicide. Little wonder, then, that he can barely keep his mind on his job—pushing a new brand of yogurt. The yawning divide between his sterile work environment and his chaotic emotions prompts him to remark, 'I’m full to bursting and empty at the same time.' Lange’s slice-of-life scenarios, emotionally wrecked characters, and piercingly funny dialogue make for a powerful combination that recalls the work of Thomas McGuane and Denis Johnson." — Joanne Wilkinson

5-31-07: Here's an excellent review of Dead Boys from Bookforum.

5-29-07: Dead Boys appears on the San Francisco Chronicle's guide to "Simmering Summer Reading." Also, here's a link to something Richard wrote for the Hachette website.

5-27-07: Clayton Moore, also had some nice things to say about Dead Boys on his blog, Bang!.

5-12-07: See what Publishers Weekly had to say about Dead Boys.

5-09-07: It's official: Richard will be reading at Skylight Books in Los Feliz at 7:30 on Friday, September 7. Also, his editor loved the first six chapters of the novel, which means he gets to keep being a full-time writer for a while longer, which means hip hip hooray! Also, if you can't wait for the book to come out, a couple of people are selling galleys at ABE Books.

5-04-07: The French rights to Dead Boys have sold to Albin Michel.

4-17-07: Richard's friend Pam Sellers has created a Wikipedia entry for him. Check it out.

4-09-07: Here's a review of Dead Boys on Ain't It Cool.

4-06-07: Also, buy Mr. Doerr's books:
"Welcome to Richard Lange's Los Angeles: 7-Elevens, bank branches, donut shops, Hollywood yearning, all of it somehow both monstrous and eerily beautiful. His narrators tear themselves apart with fear and longing, and yet something visionary and sparkling and deeply human runs through each of them. These are searing, ferocious, terrific stories." -- Anthony Doerr

3-21-07: Again, buy these people's books:
"Once per decade a first book of short stories arrives that blows everything out of the water. Dead Boys is that book. The characters are fiercely rooted in a Los Angeles that few people know about. They face desperate situations in which the best option is often a wrong turn that leads to another. Richard Lange has the courage and skill to depict those moments without judgment or apology. Every story is solid--bold, lyric, honest--told with compassion and wisdom. This book is great." -- Chris Offutt
"These twelve stories set in Los Angeles slice open the lives of contemporary men the way a saw opens a geode. Inside, we find secret hope and a yearning for tenderness in tectonic opposition to an innate pessimism and the struggle to maintain self-respect. Profoundly revealing, a rough-edged, dead-pan, haunting debut." -- Janet Fitch

3-15-07: Buy every book by every one of these great writers:
"Dead Boys is a great collection, let that be stated first. Richard Lange knows about moral uncertainty, failure, heartache and the constant yearning for redemption from the depths. He knows so much about the varieties of anguish waiting for us all and the little victories that sometimes see us through. His details of sadness, poverty, despair, all convince, often related by a narrator who is at the very least a bubble off plumb. This is simply masterful writing, tough and tender, emotionally potent, and, best of all, fresh." -- Daniel Woodrell
"With the gritty stories in Dead Boys, Richard Lange breathes new life into the mythology of Los Angeles. The stories are achingly accurate and always telling of the hardscrabble lives caught on the grid work of the big city sprawl. This is the work of a writer who has come to know well the territory he is exploring." -- Michael Connelly
"Any writer who draws a gritty portrait of L.A. will inevitably be compared to the great Nathanael West. Richard Lange is that rare author who actually earns such an accolade. This is a fantastic collection of stories: both heartfelt and unflinching. If you're an admirer of Raymond Carver's writing--or Tobias Wolff's, or Denis Johnson's, or Joy Williams's--I suspect you'll love Richard Lange's, too." -- Scott Smith
"Lange's stories are knockouts. Gritty, humane, and utterly urban. I can't wait to see what he does next." -- Alice Sebold
"The comparisons with Raymond Carver and Denis Johnson are apt. Richard Lange's stories combine the truth-telling and immediacy of Carver with the casual hip of Johnson. There is a potent artistic sensibility at work here." -- T.C. Boyle
"Funny, tough and tragic, with earned humanity, street style, and a shooter's eye for detail . . . a story collection to savor. Mr. Lange has talent to burn." -- George Pelecanos
"Dead Boys by Richard Lange is the genuine article - great stories - the stunning type of book you read more than once, that only comes along a handful of times in your reading life. Gritty Los Angeles is made alive and Lange doesn't blink at anything - he captures violence and action and there are diamonds of dialogue and character in all of these stories, like a beautiful shotgun pattern. The City of Angels has a lot of hell in it and Richard Lange has handrawn us a map of the whole thing." --Scott Wolven

3-06-07: Amazing blurbs are still coming in for Dead Boys. Right now there's T.C. Boyle, George Pelecanos, Alice Sebold, Scott Wolven, Scott Smith, Michael Connolly and Daniel Woodrell. Richard also did his first interview, for Kirkus Review. It'll be online next month.

2-24-07: Dead Boys is now available for pre-order at Amazon.

1-25-07: The bound galleys for Dead Boys and chapbooks of "Bank of America" are done. Richard has been in contact with his publicist at LB, and the machine is gearing up to get the word out about the book. The novel is now about half done.

1-8-07: The page proofs have arrived from LB and look great. Richard has also approved the flap copy for the jacket. Next up is sending out copies of the proofs to various authors in hopes of securing blurbs. The wish list is long and varied.

12-2-06: The entire copyedited manuscript is back with Little, Brown, and Richard expects to see galleys at the beginning of next year. The Italian rights to the book have sold to Stile Libero, an imprint of Einaudi based in Rome.

11-9-06: Richard returned the copyedited ms for "Bank of America," one of the stories in Dead Boys, early at Little, Brown's request. They are going to create a chapbook of the story to help generate interest in the collection.

10-17-06: The jacket design for Dead Boys has been approved and is displayed on this page. Richard is very happy with it. He is now reviewing the copyedited manuscript, which is the last step before page proofs. The novel is now about a third done.

9-22-06: Richard has approved the internal design of the book and is now waiting for the jacket design, which should be arriving soon.

8-30-06: Richard sent in two pics to Little Brown, and they are going to use both for various publicity purposes. The one on this page, however, is the jacket photo.

7-25-06: All edits are done on the manuscript. It took about three weeks to get everything straight. The manuscript is being turned over to the copyediting and design departments this week. They are also starting on the jacket design. Richard saw the catalog copy for the book, which was exciting. He is currently trying to get a decent photo of himself. The book will now be released in August of '07, to allow more time to try for reviews. It will consist of 12 stories, two of which have never been published before. Work on the novel continues.

5-16-06: The first edits to the manuscript for Dead Boys have arrived from Richard's editor at Little, Brown, Asya Muchnick. He's taking a break from work on his novel to deal with them. He has also secured the rights to a Neil Young lyric to use as the epigraph for Dead Boys.

4-1-06: Richard has officially begun work on his novel, which is due to Little, Brown in April '08.

2-10-06: Richard has signed a two-book deal with Little, Brown, Inc. His short-story collection Dead Boys will be out in Spring '07, and a novel will follow when he finds time to write it....

10-10-04: Richard's story "Bank of America" is included in Best American Mystery Stories 2004, in stores now.